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Why is Canada the Best Country for Education?


Over the past 8-9 years, Canada’s reputation as a top location for higher education has gradually but steadily improved. Indian students consider Canada as one of the best destinations for higher education. For Indian students, the ideal mix is top-notch education, internship opportunities, and flexible government immigration and employment laws after graduation. It does not get any better than this, considering the low cost of living!

Ten years ago, students from financially secure households were more likely to pursue education abroad. For many, it was more than just a means to an education. Thanks to Canada’s ability to offer the best of both worlds, this has changed dramatically. Universities such as the University of Toronto, the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia and many others are available to students who want to study at the best universities. Canada offers the best community university system in the world for students who are looking for courses that are not too expensive and short, so they can save on living expenses as well.

Although the benefits of studying in Canada are incalculable, the experts at LiveWebTutors Assignment Help Canada want to summarise these benefits in the following considerations:

1. Academic Skills 

Since education is a local responsibility, all provincial governments in Canada, regardless of the type of institution (university or university), ensure that the level of education is consistently very high. If you are pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree, you can choose from a variety of universities depending on your qualifications. At Canadian schools, you can choose from a variety of specialised diplomas, advanced diplomas and postgraduate diplomas if you are looking for a faster and more appropriate way to acquire the skills needed to find a job.

Canadian colleges and universities offer a wide range of degree programmes from various fields. You can find a suitable degree programme in Canada whether it is engineering, IT, healthcare, agriculture, sports, management, accounting, business, mining, petroleum, renewable energy or any other field.

2. The focus is on developing skills

We all agree that a world-class education is more than what we learn in the classroom. It’s also about how well prepared we are for life in general. To that end, Canada has an excellent system called “Co-op.” Basically, Co-op provides students with job opportunities in their industry-specific fields while they are still in school. For example, engineering students have the opportunity to work in an engineering firm while still in school. By exposing students to the working world at an early age, they are disciplined while being prepared for life in the real world. A normal co-op lasts four months out of the year. Therefore, students enrolled in a four-year co-op programme can gain 16 months of relevant Canadian work experience while still in school. Imagine how these students will perform in the job market when they seek permanent employment after graduation!

Co-op is an important component of many programmes at most universities and institutions.

3. Getting paid to study.

Students are allowed to work part-time, on-campus or off, about 20 hours per week in addition to Co-op. Depending on the length of the programme, they may also be able to apply for a post-study work visa, which is valid for up to three years.

4. The Canadian economy

Tuition at Canadian institutions is relatively low compared to those at other well-known overseas locations. For Indian students, it is a practical alternative when weighing the return on investment and good prospects for part- or full-time employment. Eligible students can also apply for various Canadian scholarships to reduce their tuition costs

5. Security and serenity in everyday life

Canada has long been considered one of the safest countries in the world. The Global Peace Index ranked Canada as the sixth most peaceful country in the world in 2022. As an international student, you have the same rights as any other Canadian. A high quality of life also includes access to world-class medical care, a top-notch education system, and other important things like clean air, clean water, low population density, a sense of space, etc.

6. Diversity of cultures

The people of Canada are friendly and welcoming. Canada has traditionally welcomed immigrants from many different nations. As a result, there is a wider range of cultures in Canada. Diversity is celebrated as a strength in Canada and among Canadians. Students can participate in celebrations of different ethnic groups throughout the year. The best part is that the nation celebrates every holiday, not just the ethnic group! From Chinese New Year to Holi to Christmas to Diwali!

7. Immigration opportunities

International students are ideal candidates to become future Canadians because they stay in Canada for an extended period of time. They have plenty of time to learn about and adapt to Canadian culture while going to school, and they have up to three years after completing their education to learn about Canadian work culture and what it takes to be successful there. After that, IRCC provides them with a platform to do so if they decide to become permanent residents of Canada.

According to IRCC’s publicly available data, Canada will have admitted approximately 356,875 international students in 2022. Of these, about 107,505 students – or nearly 30% more than in 2021 – were from India. This shows that more Indian students are choosing to study in higher education in Canada and that interest in Canada is increasing significantly each year.

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