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The 20 best guessing games for kids


Guessing games can be both entertaining and educational for kids, encouraging them to think critically and have fun at the same time. Here are 20 of the best guessing games for kids:

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  1. 20 Questions: One player thinks of an object, and the others take turns asking yes-or-no questions to guess what it is. They have 20 questions to figure it out.
  2. Guess the Word: Similar to Hangman, this game involves guessing a word by suggesting letters until the word is complete or the hangman is drawn.
  3. I Spy: One child selects an object in the room and says, “I spy with my little eye, something that is [color].” The others take turns guessing what it is.
  4. Guess the Sound: Play different sounds for the kids to guess, such as animal noises, musical instruments, or household sounds.
  5. Who Am I?: Each child tapes a character’s name on their forehead (without looking). They then take turns asking yes-or-no questions to figure out who they are.
  6. What Am I?: Similar to “Who Am I?” but with objects or animals instead of characters.
  7. Mystery Box: Place an object inside a box with a hole for kids to feel without seeing. They must guess what the object is by touch alone.
  8. Charades: Act out a word or phrase without speaking, and have the other kids guess what it is.
  9. What’s Missing?: Display a group of objects, remove one, and see if the kids can guess what’s missing.
  10. Rhyme Time: Give kids a rhyming clue, and they must guess the word it refers to.
  11. Funny trivia questions: Present kids with funny trivia questions to answer. Trivia questions can be about animals, objects, or general knowledge.
  12. Mime Time: Have a child silently act out a scene or a concept, and others must guess what it is.
  13. Memory Game: Place several items on a tray, show it to the kids for a short time, then cover it. They must guess what was on the tray.
  14. Guess the Smell: Use items with distinctive smells (e.g., spices, fruits) and have kids guess what they are while blindfolded.
  15. Lip Reading: One child mouths a word or phrase silently, and others try to guess what they’re saying.
  16. Story Building: Each child adds one sentence to a story, taking turns. The goal is to create a coherent story without knowing the previous sentences.
  17. License Plate Game: While on a road trip, kids can guess the meaning of license plates or make up a story based on the letters.
  18. Mystery Bag: Put various objects in a bag and have kids take turns reaching in to feel and guess what they are.
  19. Number Crunch: Provide clues or equations for kids to solve and guess the mystery number.
  20. A-Z Game: Choose a category (e.g., animals, food) and take turns naming items in that category in alphabetical order.

These guessing games offer a wide range of challenges and are excellent for entertaining kids during family gatherings, road trips, or playdates. They foster creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills while providing lots of fun.

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