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Must-Know Things as a NEET Aspirant


The NEET is opted for by those students who aim for a career in the field of medicine. More and more youngsters are aspiring to become doctors and healthcare professionals these days.

This is why there has been a significant rise in the number of applications and registrations received every year. This year, in NEET 2023, the expected number of applications is said to exceed 18.5 lakhs. So, before you download your NEET admit card, know these unmissable, important points.

Every NEET Aspirant Must Know These Points

Every candidate must know what to do and what not to do to save time and prevent themselves from making the wrong moves. If you are planning to take the NEET 2023 and are preparing or in two minds for it, here are some things you must know and keep in mind.

1. MBBS is not for the rich only

Any student who desires to pursue a career in medicine can do so, provided one prepares well for NEET and has a good score at the NEET 2023. With a high rank, there are great chances of you getting admitted to the top medical colleges in India sponsored by the Indian government. You can apply for scholarships and get your course funded if you are academically sound.

2. Don’t have to take a year break to prepare for the NEET

Often, we see students dropping a year from pursuing education to fully concentrate and devote one or two years to preparing for the examination. Although NEET is a challenging examination, you do not have to take a break and prepare for it. It is about balancing the board and NEET exam preparation, as the syllabus remains the same, but exam patterns and approaches will differ.

This is why the importance of starting early must be considered. If you start preparing from Class 11 onwards, you do not need to drop out. Even if you are in Class 12, you can still balance by dedicating more time to the NEET preparation. Only in different scenarios (health or related reasons) would one be recommended to take a break and prepare.

3. NEET is challenging

Undoubtedly, NEET is quite a demanding examination, both the preparation and the exam paper. If a competitive exam involves your admission to an excellent medical institute in the country, it will not be a breeze for sure. You aim to study at an acclaimed institute with meritorious students from all over the country, possibly abroad too. With sound preparation and enough practise, one can ace NEET with a good rank, however competitive the exam is.

4. Medicine involves a lot of studying

Any professional degree requires one to study and know about opted subjects in detail. Medicine is no exception in this case; after all, it involves factors such as well-being and saving lives. If the aim is to bring something new to the table through new techniques, processes and innovations, studying and researching is an inevitable part of it. A problem solver always finds easy and time-efficient ways of doing the same tasks differently. With progress in the field of science and technology, to keep adept with the latest news, one has to seek knowledge.

You have read about things a NEET aspirant must know. Explore NEET and stay updated with the latest happenings on NEET 2023.

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