Revision Planning

DCG Revision Planning The Complete Guide in 7 Steps


1 – Define your goals 🤓

For a successful revision schedule, it is crucial to define your objectives.

This step allows you to determine all the efforts and resources that will have to be mobilized to achieve them and that will guide you towards the desired path.

Several questions are to be asked to characterize them: 🤔

Do you just want to get your DCG with the average

Are you aiming for excellent grades?Do you want to take several subjects at the same time? Units in advance?Does the time you have allow you to do them.?Do you have a discipline to catch up on.?This will generate, according to your aims, the strategies to be put in place.

HYPOTHESIS 1 : You want to shine on the exam 🌟

There, it is the armor of war that it is necessary to leave!It is possible to push the questioning a little further and ask yourself why you want these results:Do you want to join a particular school?Is it to prove to yourself that you are capable of it?

Are you aiming for a specific job?

Thus, you will have a broader vision and long-term goals, not to mention the motivation that will ncur.And who wants to achieve their goals, gives themselves the means to do so!


And to do this, resources will be needed:Additional .books of different subjects Online training to complement your courses or to train you from A to Z.How-to videos on YouTube

HYPOTHESIS 2 : Graduation without a specific grade (with the average.

Conversely, in this case, the bare minimum will be done.

The possible strategy may be to focus on the recurring themes of each Teaching Unit, so as to learn the essentials of DCG.

A kind of application of Pareto’s Law , where you will put 20% effort for 80% result.

2 – Raise your dedicate time ⏳

Once the objectives have been defined, it is necessary to note the time you have available for revisions.

This part is done in several phases:

Count the number of days left before the exam 📆

In this way, you will be able to develop an action plan.

Consider the days and times you can work ⏱

This will allow you to assess the time required for optimal revisions according to your objectives. If the latter are the aim of excellence, of course, the working time will be much longer.

It will obviously vary depending on your student status.

Full-time or work-study student

As Anne Gasnier, President and member of the National Jury of the DCG, says so well 💬:

“The DCG is a special diploma in the university world since there is no single training path. The candidates are very varied. They have very different profiles depending on whether they are in initial school or university training, work-study, continuing education or professional retraining or whether they are employees in an accounting firm or within other organizations such as companies, associations or administrations.

Source: Interview Les Podcasts DU LAW by Editions Francis Lefebvre

To measure the hours available for your day, simply subtract:

Vital tasks: rest, meals, travel time in transport 🥘

Your class or office hours

Your working time: to do your homework, for example

The remaining time will be divided between your revisions and your hobbies.

💡 Example: To illustrate these instructions, let’s take a full-time student. His free time during the week will be as follows:

Planning revisions in DCG: The complete guide in 7 stepsPlanning de révisions en DCG : Le guide complet en 7 étapes

These 42 hours will then be divided between revisions and leisure.

> But how to make this distribution? 🧐

This is where your goals come into play. If your goal is to get excellent grades on the exam, obviously more time will be needed.

Undoubtedly, the more time you spend revising, the more likely you will get the desired results. It’s math.

In conclusion, from these 42 hours available, separate about 10 hours of leisure per week in order to relax and get the machine going again.

3 – Measure your work 📏

Take a sheet and a pen and make a list ✍🏼 of everything you have to revise and learn.

No course, subject, formula, case study or definition should escape you!

Don’t forget to include workouts, as this is key to your success.

> What if I am behind in my lessons? 🤔

If you are unfortunately behind in certain disciplines, it will be essential to manage it by including catch-up sessions in your revision schedule.

It is also possible to make up for this overtime before it is put in place. This trick also pays off. 💶

You know that in DCG, all the chapters are important and learning them is highly recommended.

The 2021 Jury report : “it is essential to master all the skills of the program published in the Official Bulletin. ”

> My delay is too important, I wouldn’t be able to do everything 😩.

However, if you are too late, you will have to make deadlock choices. It’s hard to admit it but sometimes, when faced with a dilemma, you have to make complex decisions.

But as any problem has its solution, these decisions prove to be simpler when one knows that certain parts of the program appear more than others in the proofs. Ace the CPA exam! Choose the right one for you among the CPA exam review courses available online.

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