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6 tips to relax before the exams.?


As the baccalaureate exams approach, do you feel a little overwhelmed? Between the workload, the exercises on the right and on the left, the pressure of your entourage, your days intensify and you have only one desire: to release the pressure ! And it is also recommended, because reducing stress before an exam allows you to be more efficient . Our 6 techniques to manage your stress before the baccalaureate will therefore help you to arrive serenely at the tests in order to obtain the best marks

 First, have a great organization

The best way to avoid unnecessary stress is to organize your time. That way, you don’t need to think about your tasks, you don’t leave room for the unexpected and you know exactly what to do when. And what could help you organize your time? A plan, of course! Practical and super intuitive, it will help you start your revisions with complete peace of mind to say goodbye to stress. Bye byeeeeee

Here are some tips to optimize your schedule:

You know very surely, to succeed in managing stress, the majority of known techniques involve breathing work . Indeed, controlling your breathing can play a major role in calming your mind and thus helping to reduce your apprehension. There are a whole bunch of exercises to use on a daily basis or occasionally when you feel the need, especially before your exam!

Here are some tips to help you succeed with a breathing exercise:

– Clear your mind and be sure to be focused when exercising. Try to anchor yourself as well as possible in your environment, by concentrating for example on a part of your body, and to think about the air which enters and leaves your lungs. This will have the effect of slowing down your heart rate, thus calming your anxieties.

– A breathing exercise is in no way a moment where you breathe very hard hoping that it will work… No, it requires a certain technique and above all a certain rhythm if you want it to be effective! Your breathing should not be too fast, otherwise you risk hyperventilating, nor too slow . A good way to find balance is to count the seconds with each inhale and exhale! Also, it will help you focus on the present moment

– In addition to taking the time to breathe well, don’t forget to breathe correctly. Yes, it sounds silly, but inhaling is done through the nose and exhaling through the mouth ! Above all, remember to breathe using your diaphragm: using it well maximizes oxygen absorption and thus helps you relax more quickly.

Meditation, a safe bet?

You have most certainly heard of meditation: very fashionable, this method delights all those who are very stressed in search of inner peace … And good grades in the baccalaureate. The bonus? It can be practiced on a daily basis and become a habit, which you can put in place a few months before your exam in order to feel more relaxed and more confident . In addition, you will see that your concentration will be even better!

How does meditation work? It’s simple. You are not (yet) being asked to do the lotus position! Here too, there are many techniques that only require your most total attention, full control of yourself and a particular work of breathing … 😉

The advantage of this method is that it can be practiced anywhere, anytime. It can be your first reflex in the morning or your last action before going to bed… Or both! The ideal is to choose a range of time during which you will focus only on this activity.

Thanks to this work on your posture and your breathing, you will be able to better focus on your mind , what bothers it and what obstructs your thoughts. In addition, meditation will allow you to soothe the tensions that accumulate over the months preceding the baccalaureate.

Exercise to let off steam

Relax, exercise? Are you kidding here? Well, just imagine that exercise not only improves your cognitive functions and your intellectual abilities, but will also help you sleep better and feel better in your sneakers . In short, a stress reliever for the free baccalaureate, which will help you face the dreaded exam and let off steam in a healthy way.

You must have noticed that after a good sports session, you feel lighter, more serene and that you tend to put things into perspective? Indeed, sports practice releases endorphins , also called happiness hormones… Something we really need as such an important date approaches!

In addition, sport makes you burn calories, which will bring you good fatigue in order to fully recharge your batteries and put your brain in the best conditions to tear everything up in the bac. It is also a way to increase the quality of your sleep, since it promotes good sleep and restful sleep…

Finally, in case you are not convinced, sport will help you gain self-confidence and feel better about yourself by setting goals and achieving them, by getting a taste for effort… You can also develop your team spirit (especially if you practice in a club or with friends) and open yourself up to practices that are still unknown.

Take care of yourself 

No, this is not an ad for shampoo… But if you want to know a super effective way to fight stress, it’s to air your mind and body . Nature is a stress free bin anti-stress. A nice walk will allow you to recharge your batteries between two math sheets!.

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